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          HEAD OFFICE:

          +234 (0)53 252400
          +234 (0)53 253465


          Mr. Khoder Mazloum has always had a desire to be involved, help others, and stand-up for a cause which he believes in. This, and so much more, makes him a perfect fit for the role of Chief Executive Officer, a role with responsibilities that require not only a visionary leader, but a team player as well.

          He is a Lebanese by origin and a Nigerian by naturalization currently serving as the Group Managing Director/CEO of Unitop Group of Companies.

          An Alumnus of Ahmadiya Secondary School, Kano, Nigeria and the Prestigious Institute Technique Amiliem, Lebanon where he obtained Higher Diploma Certificate in Business Administration.

          Mr. khoder’s background is in Business Administration, Catering Services, Marine Services, Construction Services and Management.
          Mr. Khoder started his career with Python Engineering Company, Warri, as Purchasing Manager. In 1991, he left Python Engineering for Lords Restaurant, Night Club & Casino as Operations Manager, while working at Lords; he acquired extensive experience in catering services which in years to come contributed to the realization of the catering dream. In 1992, he joined Eastern Enterprise Limited as General Manager.

          In 1993 he was appointed the Managing Director of Unitop International Limited, in 2006; he became the CEO of Unitop Catering Services Limited and Unitop Meatshop Limited, as a realization of his catering dream. In 2009 in order to achieve his late father’s dream of establishing a Construction Company, he founded Bobcat Construction Services Limited since then, Mr. Khoder has been soaring in the business world.

          Mr. khoder’s entrepreneurial skills have been the backbone of the incorporation of Unitop Group of Companies: unitop international limited, unitop catering services, unitop meat shop and Bobcat Construction Company Limited.

          As a director who has held leadership roles, he has been recognized by his host communities for his work and contribution to the public. He has received many awards and accolades for outstanding and significant contribution to his host communities.

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