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          HEAD OFFICE:

          +234 (0)53 252400
          +234 (0)53 253465


          Mr Ahmed Mazloum is a Lebanese by origin and Nigerian by Naturalization and one of the Directors of Unitop Group of Companies.

          Currently serves as the Managing Director of Unitop International Limited, Executive Director of Unitop Catering Services Limited and Bobcat Construction Services Limited. A Director of Unitop Meatshop Limited.

          He is a graduate of Institute Technique Amiliem, Lebanon, where he obtained the ordinary and Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

          Mr. Ahmed started his career in 1999, with AS Enterprises, Beirut Lebanon, and a Mechanical Fabrication Company as Mechanical Supervisor.

          In obedience to Lebanese regulation, Mr. Ahmed joined the Lebanese Military service in 2002 and was honourably discharged in 2003. Upon his discharge from the Army, Mr. Ahmed came to Nigeria and was employed by Unitop International Limited, Warri, as Operations Manager. In 2005, he was elevated to the position of Head, Marine Operations. His remarkable contributions to the growth and success of the Company paid off in 2006, when the Board of Directors of the Company appointed him as the Managing Director of Unitop International Limited.

          In 2006, he was appointed Executive Director of Unitop Catering Services Limited and a Director of Unitop Meatshop Limited. In 2009, His vast experience as a Managing Director necessitated his appointment as the Executive Director of Bobcat Construction Services Limited.

          He has received many awards and accolades for his contribution to the growth of the companies as well as his host communities.

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